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Kaisi K-303 SS-T12A Motherboard Repair Tool Heating Station For iPhone X XS XS MAX CPU Heating Repair

kaisi K-303 SS-T12A Motherboard Repair Tool Heating Station For iPhone X XS XS MAX 11 12 Series CPU Heating Repair
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Functional description

1.This product will not be heated automatically after power-on. After setting the temperature and time,press the start button to start heating,When the heating reaches the set temperature,the buzzer will be called three times, and the set time of the countdown will start.After the countdown is zeroed,the buzzer will beep once, and the heating output will be cut off, and the cooling fan will start,When the measured temperature is lower than 55 Degrees , the buzzer will be called for three seconds and then enter the low-power standby.

2.The parameter set by the machine will not be cleared when it is used. The next time it is used, the last set parameter will be called.

3.The separated electrical control scheme designed by this machine is of high quality and practical.Temperature control is controlled by a thermostat connected to an intermediate relay to control the temperature of the heating tube.The temperature is measured by the thermocouple probe to meet the high temperature detection and control, and the sheet heating plate is uniformly heated to improve the heating efficiency.The thermostat indirectly controls the self-protection that is conducive to such high thermal efficiency, and prevents the thermostat from being damaged due to excessive heating current.The thermostat feedbacks the actual temperature value of the heating plate in real time, and directly starts heating by the start button, and the digital tube displays the real-time feedback heating state and the countdown time. High temperature isolation scheme: Since the machine is equipped with a high-temperature heating source and its heating plate, the solution is to install a high-temperature isolation plate between the casing and the heating plate.A heating plate is installed in the middle of the high-temperature isolation plate, and the high-temperature isolation plate is fixed by screws between the high-temperature isolation plate and the casing.It effectively reduces heat diffusion during the separation process time and provides a safety protection effect.

Parameter setting:
Voltage: 110V AC / 220V AC 50~60HZ
Temperature Display Range: 0-260 Degrees
Temperature control range: 50-260 Degrees
Temperature deviation: about 5 Degrees
Countdown setting range:0-999second
Carton size:230x190x90mm

Use tips:

The machine can not only quickly separate, but also put the tin on the main board and put it into the machine for heating. It is better controlled than the hot air gun.

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