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POWER-Z PD Charger Tester MF003

POWER-Z PD Charger Tester MF003 Charging Head Network Tester for iPhone
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 POWER-Z PD Charger Tester MF003 Charging Head Network Tester for iPhone

1. The ChargerLAB POWER-Z MF003 main housing part of ChargerLAB POWER-Z MF003 is made of a single piece of aluminum alloy and is made by one-piece molding process.

2. Currently, only current less than 3A is supported during power measurement. Built in 1020mAh battery is convenient for immediate use, and an indicator light is on when charging.

3. The large-screen display can show users more and more complete products. On the side, there are the charging status indicator, three function selection buttons, and the USB-C input interface.

4. On the top of the POWER-Z MF003 are a switch, a buzzer and a Micro USB port, which can be used to charge the device or connect to a computer for firmware update.

5. There is a port for light on the button and one Type-C port on the side.

If the tester does not respond when connected to the computer, check the following steps:
1. Check whether the connected interface is correct;
2. Replace the cable, some cables have no data transmission function,
3. Replace the USB port.
4. Replace the computer, the software only supports Windows10, not other operating systems.
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